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Weekly Declutter Challenge | refillable mugs | glassware

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Today starts week #2 in my Weekly Declutter Challenge. These weekly challenges should be very manageable, something you can do in less than an hour. Today's challenge is: decluttering all those souvenir cups, refillable mugs, extra glassware, and coffee mugs that have either seen better days or we just don't love.

The items listed above take up valuable real estate in our cabinets, especially when we bring home every single souvenir cup whether we love it or not. It's so easy to do! We PAID for that cup so "by grannies we are taking it home, who cares if all it does is constantly fall out of the cabinet? We PAID for it!" Am I right? At least that is how it is in our home.

What started my need for this particular declutter is the scenario I just painted above, along with needing space to store my coffee mug collection that I love and display the majority of the year. I will be decorating for fall this weekend (who else is ready to do that? Can I get a witness?) and I needed a place to store the everyday decor. I normally pack it away in totes and just store it in our extra bedroom. But, exciting things are happening to that bedroom! That bedroom is soon to be my Organized by Chance home office. I'm so excited!!

I also encourage you to find a charity that speaks to your heart for your donations. Be sure that their mission statement falls in line with your values and beliefs. I know of course it's easy just to drop things off at the charity that is nearest your home, but you want to make sure it is going to a cause you believe in. That will make you feel better about parting with your items. We want them to be a BLESSING to someone else, not just take up space in our home because we "paid for it" or were "gifted it".

My items today will be donated to The Place of Forsyth. I am including a link to their website where you can find the mission statement, as well as their location, and how to donate items.

I hope you've found this helpful. Please let me know if I can help you with any projects you might have. Together, let's make space for the things you love.



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