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Previous Projects

Estate Clean Out

This client had lived in her home since 1957.  Circumstances  dictated that she had to move to an assisted living home and her home needed to be sold.  This is the basement that I cleaned out with the help of my husband.  We donated things, put things in the trash and had an estate sale.  This project took approximately 3 weeks as we cleaned out the entire home.   

Bedroom Deep Clean, Purge and Organization

This master bedroom needed a deep cleaning, purging and organization.  we started by pulling EVERYTHING out from under the bed, removing the mattress and box springs and pulling the furniture away from the walls.  The carpet was vacuumed, walls washed and furniture dusted.  The things stored under the bed were purged and donated.  We also cleaned out the bedside tables and organized those.  The dresser now has minimal clutter and the bedroom is now a much more relaxing environment. 

Office Organization

This client's office was in need of a lot of decluttering, purging, and organizing.  This project

took us only 2 hours and 48 minutes.  The client was very receptive to working quickly, making decisions  as to what to toss, what to keep and what to donate.  The difference is AMAZING! She will now be able to actually work in her office and not be overwhelmed by all the disarray of papers and therefore will be much more productive.  She was excited to "make space for the things she loves..." 

Total Kitchen Organization




















This client wanted her kitchen to function more efficiently, free up counter space, all while sticking to a budget.   The total for supplies for her project was just under $110 which included purchasing a microwave cart.  We were able to stick to her budget by using some of the bins she already had, along with some bins from the dollar store and big box stores. 

To improve efficiency, we moved all of her food items to one central location in the pantry.  We used bins to corral like items and make them more visible so she could see what she had.   

Our favorite part of the project was the counter space that was freed up by implementing a cart for her small appliances.  We also installed a small shelf to store her most frequently used spices and a lazy susan to organize her oils and sprays.  

My client was thrilled to "make space for the things she loves..."

Pantry Refresh
savingPNG 3.png
savingPNG 4.png

This client need a quick pantry refresh in order to stage their home for the market.  We started by throwing out expired items and grouping like things together.  Any appliances that the client would not be using was packed up for storage.  This spacious pantry  is now a showcase of available space for potential buyers.  

Basement Organization

Brown and Green Clean Grid Color Inspira

These clients recently moved into a beautiful new home.  Their basement storage area had become the place to put all those unpacked storage boxes, extra furniture, and extraneous things that they just weren't sure where else to put them.  My clients wanted to transform their basement from a jumbled storage area to a place where they could "shop their stash".  This method allowed my client to have zones for home decor, gardening, camping, and she even has a place for all her tailgating equipment.  My clients were thrilled their "store" and I've made space for the things they love...

Garage Organization
Garage organization.png
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