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How To Have an Organized Holiday

A couple of ideas to get you started on your holiday prep. Making lists of menus, gift ideas, to-do tasks, etc. can prove very helpful. I use the note section in my phone. Anytime I think of something that needs to be done, a gift that needs to purchased, or a menu idea, I note it there. Because let's be honest, our phones are pretty much close by 24/7.

I also use a calendar to map out my to-do lists. I assign each task a day and time and then I have a visual of how everything will get done. I do this for holiday prep and well as in my business with clients. When we have huge projects such a moving deadline, it helps with their stress seeing a mapped out plan to our final destination...moving day.

MOST IMPORTANTLY!! This is real life folks, not a staged social media post. So, give yourself some grace. Do the best that you can and know that it is good enough. This is the time to enjoy your family and friends, not be so stressed-out in preparation that you miss the most important part, the love, joy, and fellowship that surrounds you. Now, let's make space for the things you love...



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