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Virtual Organizing Sessions



Are you wanting to organize your home or a specific space in your home and feel like you COULD do it yourself, but you don't know where to start? Well, have I got GREAT news for you! A VIRTUAL organizing session may be just the ticket you're looking for.

What do these sessions look like you ask? I'm so glad you did!! Not only are these virtual sessions cost effective, they won't break the bank or blow the budget. If that sounds like a WIN/WIN to you, then just keep reading!


These virtual sessions will put you on a fast track to getting you started on your journey to .... making space for the things you love, which is my Mission Statement here at Organized by Chance.


Included in your Virtual Organizing Session:

  • FaceTime or Google Meet to see your space

  • Discussion of possible strategies to get your space organized to fit your specific needs

  • Discussion of possible supplies needed to make the strategy work

  • Discussion of using "what you already have" to implement the strategy

  • Detailed follow up email to outlining the discussion of your strategy , how to implement it, and supplies possibly needed


First Session $50

  • Payment is required at the beginning of the session via Venmo or Paypal

  • Follow up sessions available at a discounted rate


Contact me today for schedule availability and let's get your space organized.

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