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Room for the car...and more!

I just recently finished one of my favorite projects to date: a garage makeover. My client had a great vision for her garage, she just wasn't sure how to make it all happen. We started with her wishlist for her garage. On her list was:

  • room for the car

  • room for bikes

  • storage for Christmas decorations

  • easy access to backpacks, umbrellas, and shoes

  • storage for ballpark chairs

  • storage for tools, paint, cleaners

  • easy access for yard tools

  • easy access for mops and brooms (she already had this one covered)

  • most importantly... as much off the floor as possible

Whew! That was a BIG list! My client and I worked together during her consultation to formulate a plan to bring her vision to life. This would be done in a couple of phases.

Phase 1 of this garage transformation was clearing out boxes, categorizing items "like with like", and making a list of what supplies we would need.

Phase 2 consisted of a vision board of sorts. We found pictures on Pinterest of organization systems she liked. We researched the possibility of those systems actually working within her space. After deciding on the systems that would work best, it was time to move on to the next phase.

Phase 3 was placing orders for the supplies (hello post pandemic and low supply chains) and...waiting for said supplies.

Phase 4 consisted of installation of the organization systems as well as further organizing into bins and finally labeling all the bins.

My client is absolutely in love with her garage transformation. We checked ALL the boxes on her wish list and most importantly, they are systems that she and her son can keep up with. We took our time with this project ensuring that the systems would work for her and that they were exactly what she envisioned. As I mentioned previously, we were slowed done a bit due to supply chain issues. But, now that it is all done she couldn't be happier!

Organization systems used in this garage transformation:

  • Flow-wall

  • Adjustable garage shelving from Rubbermaid

  • Gladiator hanging tool system

  • Clear bins from Target

  • White bins from Ikea

  • Custom labels by Organized by Chance made with a Cricut joy and removable vinyl

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