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All the baby clothes

👶 💙 I love babies!💗 👶 I love baby clothes. I mean, who doesn't walk by the baby section at Target, see the cuteness overload of those tiny little garments and say to themselves "awww..." ? Or is just me? Bueller? Anyone? Whatever your stance, this project was PERFECT for me.

My client has a lot of baby clothes that she wanted to have sorted and stored in her basement. The goal of our project was to sort the clothes by size and by season within the size. In the event that she and her husband decide to add to their family, it will be easy for her to pull out "hand me downs" with this kind of organization. Another goal of our storage plan was to have the clothes easily accessible for consignment if that was something she decided to do.

I started the process by placing sticky notes on the shelves with sizes and seasons, so that I could sort the clothes as I went through the clothes. As I saw how many clothes were in each section, I could then decide which size bin I would need. The client and I decided that we would use the bins she already had available and only purchase extra bins if we needed them. Using this method of sorting onto the shelves first, made it so that we did not purchase anything we didn't need. It turns out, we only needed 5 additional bins for this baby clothes sort and storage project.

Finally, we came to the labeling section of the project. My client and I decided that since this is a transitional storage project, that permanent labels were not the best choice. While beautiful labels make most projects "social media worthy", they are not always necessary or the best choice for the project. For this project, staying with post it notes for labeling gave the same appearance of uniformity, but were better suited for a transitional type of project.

My client and I were both thrilled with the end result of this project. My client will be able to quickly access what she needs, the bins can easily be used for future projects without the need for removing more permanent labels and most importantly, her baby's clothes are stored safely.

This project has made space for the things she loves...

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