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Weekly Declutter Challenge: Travel Toiletries

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

I've started a new weekly series on my YouTube channel: That Empty Nest Life. My goal for these weekly challenges is to make it something easy that you can do on Friday evening or quickly on a Saturday morning. I want them to make you feel accomplished, yet not overwhelmed.

This past week, our challenge was one of decluttering our travel toiletries. Most all of us have a plethora of those little toiletries we pick up each time we stay in a hotel. It is so easy to throw them in our bag with the intention of using them on our next trip instead of buying travel size products at our local big box store. However, the majority of the time, these items end up in a drawer, a box, or even still in our suitcase.

My suggestion for donating these items is to find an armed forces ministry of some type. My church has this kind of ministry and they love being able to send them in the care packages overseas. I have to believe that whoever gets the care package with a travel size bottle of Mickey Mouse shampoo has a smile on their face. Because what screams "home" more than Mickey Mouse?

I encourage you to find a charity that speaks to your heart and donate these items. You will feel lighter, your heart will feel great that you've helped another, and you will have more space for the things you love.

Disclaimer: Just ignore all the painting supplies on the left. We are in the process of painting my new office and everything is currently being staged on my kitchen table. I can't wait to share my office tour in the coming weeks. Thanks!

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