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Mini-session: Cooking Utensils

Kitchen drawers with cooking utensils are notoriously some of the hardest drawers to organize. Why? Because there are so many little gadgets that we use on the daily, some we use on the weekly, and some we rarely use, but still...we NEED to keep them. Yes! I'm using the proverbial "we" here because I include myself in this dilemma. So, if your kitchen cooking utensil drawer looks something like this, do not feel alone. There is NEVER any judgement here at Organized by Chance.

There were also a few other drawers involved in this session which also housed a few odd utensils, so I addressed those as well. I knew that these drawers were very narrow and shallow making it hard to find bins that would actually work. I found these flexible bins at Walmart that worked perfectly. Yes, there will still be some open space in the drawers, again, back to the odd dimensions of the drawers. Also, I would have loved for these bins to all be the same color, but we are going for function here, not necessarily a "Pinterest worthy" drawer. The other bins I purchased for this project were a bin for utensils that were used only on holidays and entertaining and another bin for grilling utensils. These bins can be stacked in another closet and easily accessed when needed. This also freed up valuable real estate in the drawers so that utensils more frequently used can be seen and accessed easier.

The final outcome of this project provided utensils that were more easily accessible, grouped into "categories", and an all around better aesthetic when drawers are opened. The drawers can now also be closed and do not warrant rummaging around trying to find xyz. We were both very pleased with the outcome.

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