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Everyday Clutter, Where DO I Start?

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

I recently had a client that is a busy mom of 2 little ones, active in volunteering in her church and her kid's schools, teaches seminars and owns her own business. Can we say a superwoman?!?!? With all of those extra curricular activities, she was having a little trouble getting a handle on the everyday clutter in her home. All she needed was someone to help her get a schedule and a starting point.

After a quick tour of her beautiful home, (that was totally manageable by the way) we proceeded to sit at her kitchen table with planners in hand. Since my client is such a busy person and one that thrives on schedules, I knew that block scheduling was a great starting point for her.

What is block scheduling you ask? I'm so glad you did! Block scheduling is scheduling out "chunks of time" if you will, to keep you on track. Just like one schedules out a doctor's appointment or a class one is taking, the same can be done in one's everyday life to keep them on track.

We started by scheduling out her day with things that HAD to happen at certain times like getting her children on the bus and picking them up from school. During this scheduling, we added in everything we could think of that needed to be done including meals, travel time, family time, and morning devotionals. From there we added in chores to get the house in order. For her that day, the main focus was her kitchen. She was allotted 1 hour to get the counters cleaned, dishes put away, trash emptied so she could come home to a clean kitchen in which to prepare dinner.

Her last chore for every evening is to be sure the kitchen is cleaned, with dishes washing in the dishwasher so that she would be able to start each day with a clean kitchen. We also agreed that every morning after devotions the dishwasher would be emptied and breakfast dishes loaded back in.

Growing up, my grandmother was always insistent on having a clean sink. I watched her wash it out every morning before leaving the kitchen for the day and I watched her wash it out as her last chore every night. She also always laid a clean dish towel beside the sink. I've done the same for a good portion of my life. Sure, there were many, many, times I didn't. But when I do, it feels so clean and quite frankly, relaxing.

I'm so thankful to my client who agreed to share her before and after pictures of the start to her new routine. I look forward to delving even more with her into organizing her home.

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