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Declutter Roadblocks

Since I started Organized by Chance, my professional home organizing service, I have found that my clients seem to struggle with at least one item when it comes to decluttering. Those items range anywhere from beauty products, to pictures their children drew, to their grandmother's tea set.

These Declutter Roadblocks all have a common theme that is usually summed up in 5 different reasons WHY they feel they can't or shouldn't let something go. I try very hard to work with my clients in working through these roadblocks and dig deeper into why they should let it go, why they should maybe save it just a little bit longer and revisit the decision or why they should continue to keep it. And believe it or not, the answer isn't always to let it go.

I've developed these FREE printable worksheets to help you work through some of the items you are just not sure about. I urge you to be very honest. Like HARD CORE honest with yourself when you are thinking about these items. I think a lot of times, clients have a hard time letting go because it is emotional, it is sentimental, and sometimes represents what they see as a "bad decision" because they may have spent a lot of money on the item and it either didn't work out, or they just didn't use it. It is hard for us as humans to admit mistakes. But, sometimes that is all it is, a mistake, not necessarily a horrible decision that changed the course of your life. I am not psychologist, no life coach, no doctor. I just see how my clients struggle with these roadblocks.

You can find the worksheets here. I hope you find them helpful and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me. You can fill out a form here or email me at Also, keep in mind that I also do virtual organizing sessions and I would love to help you

on your journey to making space for the things you love...



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